Best of Vocal Sport Night Two, or the One Where We Got to See Keith Sing Live!!!!!

So our last night in Provo was spent at the Vocal Sport singing competition. That night, Kevin was on board as one of the judges and as such, we were treated to a couple of awesome Keith Evans performances. He first joined up with the Advocates to do “Down on the Corner” by CCR (where he did some fun tag team vocal percussion with Grant starting at 1:08).

And then things really got cooking, as Keith took the lead on “Take Me Home” by Phil Collins.

(from the Youtube of montgomeryjs)

Um… sweet dang, he sounds amazing.  Like, for real real.  And there’s even a mini-swagger walk at 2:04.  You guys, it’s hard to see in the video, we know, but trust us when we say that the stage was fully covered in baby seal carnage by the end of the song, as Keith was just clubbing them left and right.  At this point, we were like: Trip. Made.

But then… but then things got even better.  Christmas came early, y’all. While the Advocates took off for the night (Bye guys!  Fun seeing you!), Keith stuck around for one final solo number.  And he totally delivered, serving up a heaping helping of “Grace Kelly” by Mika, with a big ol’ side dish of sass. You guys! You know how we feel about sass!!! There are few things that make us as happy as sass. Fish Jake is pretty high up there, and anything with “Mc” in front of it, too. But sass is still one of the best things ever.  And this wasn’t just any old sass.  Oh no, this was total and complete rock star sass, of the masculine variety.

See for yourself:

(from VocalSportComp’s Youtube… and thanks for the shout out in the comments!)

See, Keith starts out by lulling us into a false sense of security.  The self-effacing “only my mom would scream for me” joke, the little bonus jig action at 0:20 while waiting for the music to start, the swipe of the brow when the track starts (and yay! It’s the Vocal Point backing track).  But then he switches gears and all of the sudden

BAM!  He does this head-snap-intense stare-thing that is just full of at-ti-TUDE.

What happened to the funny and mild-mannered guy we had eaten lunch with just a few hours before?  He was gone.  In his place was a total rock star of a performer, giving face and sass all over that stage.

Right around the 1:00 mark, we get the first glimpse of Keith’s Freddie Mercury face, which is, of course, so sassy (and accompanied by bonus growl-y vocals!). And then we’re into the chorus and he’s working the crowd and GOODNESS KEITH, YOU SOUND AMAZING. Go ahead pretend you don’t hear (read) the compliment. You know we’re right. So there.

And then at 1:23 this happens:

Just check out that commitment!  With bonus leg extension for maximum Sass Impact!  Now, you guys know we’ve been trying to make room in our blog hearts for all of the various Vocal Point-related people clamoring for space.  The New Guys, the random Old Guys, James, the WAGS, and of course the True Group (2010-2011). So… they’re pretty crowded hearts at this point.  But then we see a performance like this, and well… it just makes our hearts grow.  So, Trevor, you should really thank Keith for being so awesome… our hearts can probably now hold your Gigantor limbs, too.

At 1:30 it seems that Keith couldn’t resist the urge to do a little step-touch choreography. Ahhhh muscle memory.  Also experiencing some (musical) muscle memory at this point?  Tanner.  He was sitting a row in front of us, and we both totally saw him singing along to the number as Keith worked it out onstage.

And then Bashful Keith makes an appearance:

And then, seriously, everyone needs to watch this video on full screen and just enjoy all of the faces and looks Keith throws the audience’s way.  He nails the high parts, rocks the rest, and wraps the whole thing up with a cheeky growl that is just the sassy cherry on top of a German Chocolate Crunch sundae.

Of course, in typical Kevin fashion, he notes the irony of wearing a monochrome grey ensemble to sing a song about being all different colors.  If only the lighting designer had some light scrollers he could have thrown up and gone through.  Or not.  Oh Keith, it doesn’t matter.  You still nailed this one.

-Troi and Crusher


10 Responses to Best of Vocal Sport Night Two, or the One Where We Got to See Keith Sing Live!!!!!

  1. phan says:

    Too too fun. This is why Keith is one of my favorites, and I think, one of T&C’s favorites too. How could he not be?

  2. SweetPotato says:

    Hey it’s for you guys again! (see comments on video)

  3. Keith says:

    Oh you guys. You’re just my favorite-est…. 🙂

  4. I love a Capella says:

    Keith…this was awesome! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. You and the guys have been a blessing to my family. 🙂

  5. Silver says:

    Dear Keith,

  6. SweetPotato says:

    Dang, Kevin King-of-Sass.

  7. Fredette about it says:

    If Kevin was a drink he would be sass-parilla….awesome stuff Keith

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