Adventures in Search Terms and Blog Business

Hey everybody, how’s it goin’?  Things have been pretty fun here in TMtP-land, as we feel freshly invigorated by all of the new material we have to share.  Please keep your tips and suggestions coming (email us at totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com), and we promise to get to as many as we can in a timely fashion!

Alright now, it’s time to distribute some blog points.  We bet those of you who stuck by good ol’ TMtP blog points are happy, since we appear to be the only points distributor in town still in business.  Of course, that hasn’t kept the poll from being a downright hopping place — and we think we can all admit to enjoying Tanner’s various shenanigans as the first weekly favorite poll winner.  He has set the bar pretty darn high, so we’ll be curious to see how future winners carry on in his stead.  As a reminder, the poll will close at midnight Provo Daylight Time, with the winner announced tomorrow at midday.  We’ll open the new poll tomorrow evening.

Anyway, let’s get to the search terms.  Like last week, each category winner gets 10,000 TMtP blog points, the weekly runner-up receives 24,000, and the What the What with a Cherry on Top weekly winner gets 38,000.  Spend them wisely, kids! Oh wait.

Okay, first up we’ve got the It’s All about the Funnies (Jokes) category:

TMtP has quite the collection of running chuckles of our own, but we’ve also managed to glom onto some existing memes and jokes.  And so sometimes people find us by searching for those things.  This week we had missing the point jokes, couch chilling, a dell rolling in the deep joke, jim gaffigan pull out couch (you know, no one ever claimed the points that were up for grab there), grammar jokes stop clubbing baby seals, a dell rolling in the deep jokes, adele jokes a dell, and kicking a puppy.  Which, why is someone searching for “kicking a puppy” — what is wrong with them?  Get away from our blog, you meanie!

This picture of Jake (from the “12 Days” performance analysis) is the closest thing we’ve had to a kicked puppy on the blog.  And even that turned into a fish by the end of the number.  Anyway, the winner in this category is:  jake’s jokes!  We love our new feature, Jake’s Jokes!  Let’s hope that those funnies keep on a rollin’.

Next up, we have the Special Snowflakes category:

So, many of the guys were well-represented this week, as we had searches for robert seely vocal point, ross welch vocal point, vocal point rose (we’re assuming that was a search for Ben-Jon, and not some variety of flower), mckay evans vocal point (hmm… someone who thinks Keith should go by his middle name, or someone who thinks the McBesties should just merge into one entity?), and lfkat blog (that’s the Landon Formerly Known as Tyler, for those of you who don’t remember when we covered this gem):

Oh, Landon.  It seems like so long ago that you fell your way into our blog hearts.

There was also mckay crockett lead singer #3 (What does that even mean?  Nobody puts McBaby in a corner!  We object to this #3 ranking!  Don’t people know that our reader-voted poll is the only acceptable place to rank the guys!  And that’s not even an overall ranking!  It’s just to determine our favorite for a given week!  We McObject to this search term!  We’re McFurious!  Minus 30,000 points for you, Searcher!).  There was also, oh keith evans, where have you gone? Hmm… Last time we saw him he was angling for a new nickname.  But he also made a total MVP appearance in our podcast.  So, yeah.  He’s still here.  Being awesome.

And finally, our category winner is: dear mikey i love you.  We love “Dear Mikeys” too!  Remember how fun it was when he sorted VP into Hogwarts Houses?

That was a blast!  It’s been way too long since we’ve done one.  Here’s a little scoop for you, readers: we actually had a bit of a miscommunication with Mikey, and thought he wanted a break from them.  When we saw him in Provo, we found out that wasn’t the case.  Our bad!  So, we’ll start thinking of a great Dear Mikey for him and reignite that little train’s engine.  At least until his baby comes. And then there’s a good chance he won’t have time to play on the blog.  We’re also willing to open up another “Dear ____” if one of the New Guys wants to step up to the plate.

And now we’ve reached the portion of the post where we dive into the category we can always count on, inexplicable as that may be: Those Crazy Savages:

Oh, the Savage Brothers.  You’ll always be there for us, won’t you?  Here we go: fred and ben savage, savage brothers, ben savage and fred savage brothers, ben savage, and the savage brothers.  What?  No Jakebert searches this week?  Whatever will we do?  Oh, don’t worry, readers.  One of y’all totally had Jakebert’s back, and wins the category with their search for: snark points for jakebert.

Now, while we are not the distributors of Snark Points, we would fully support Jakebert getting a few.  But either way, whoever searched for that gets the 10,000 TMtP blog points category prize.  Thanks for keeping Jakebert alive. Thursday just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Now let’s dive into the Campaigns and Polls searches:

One of you was totally missing the campaigns on tmtp, while someone else felt they were totally earning snark pointsTwo people were jumping the gun on this week’s winner, as mckay wins tmtp blog followers vote and jon of vocal point wins tmtp blog follower t&c choice both led people here.  Not so fast, you Searchers… you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out if your blog dreams are coming true.  Vocal point poll shenanigans was what one of you came here looking for (most of them went down in this post) and someone decided to do a little campaigning through their search term with tmtp blog vote for snark.  So what took the category prize?  That would be who is t&c’s favourite vocal point member?  It’s just so… bold.  To think that we would cop to having a favorite now!  Don’t you know that you have to tell us who our favorite is?  You can head right over to Poll Land and have a say.

Once again, a few poor, unfortunate souls found our blog while looking for legitimate information.  So, in the  Oops, Sorry, But There are No Facts Here category:

Someone searched for yay shirt, which, the closest thing we have to offer you is the happy Mikey shirt.

Still love those.  But for the person who searched for michael f christensen provo… sorry, that’s not our Mikey.

Someone also searched for hair male style 2012 photoshop, instyle/makeover man, and bad hairstyles for men.  You know what?  For all of those, we feel confident in directing you to the post about Tanner’s hair.

Someone was curious about the trash cans at campo verde high school.  So we reviewed that photo…

…and it appears that they just have normal trash cans.

A few people also went looking for real information about things on the McBrilliant list, and instead wound up on our blog.  So, to whoever wanted to know about the beauty and belief exhibit and the riverwoods provo, we’re sorry.  We liked both of those things.  We just don’t have any factual information about them.  Oh!  Except that you can buy these gems at The Riverwoods:

Now, who wouldn’t want Koosh ball shoes?  Oh… everyone?  Nevermind, then.

In the more-popular-than-Koosh ball shoes division, we had a couple of searches for remix vocal academy.  Now, ReMix actually has a real website.  That gets updated regularly (unlike the VP website, which still has the 2010-2011 group as the members… not that we’re complaining.  It just aids in our delusion.  And yay!  The album title typo has been fixed!)  So please, enjoy our screencaps of your super-stylish camp leaders…

…and then scooch your way right on over to the real website.

And because we just love showing off great Vocal Point pairs, and since it reminded us of one of our favorite times on the blog EVER, the category winner is: frodo and aragorn.  Please enjoy the TMtP version of those characters:

Seriously, do you guys remember how great that Dear Keith truly was?  It was like, one of the seminal moments on TMtP.  If you haven’t ever read it, or if it’s just been a while, go check that sucker out… it’s a beast in the best possible way.

Okay, now we’ve made it to the weekly Jake Gets So Many Searches and We Still Feel Bad about the whole “Creepy Jake” thing so we always Give him his own Category as an Apology category:

There were the basic ones: jake hunsaker and jake hunsaker height.  Then someone had some career advice for young Hunsaker and searched for jake hunsaker game show host instead of newscaster jake?  Which, maybe we could get on board with that.  But we still love the idea of him being a newscaster.  We mean, is there really anyone else you would want telling you to hunker down to ride out a hurricane than this guy?

Come on, he could be Jake “Hunker Down” Hunsaker!  It’s too perfect!

Unless, of course, he wants to fully commit to this whole comedy thing.  We could get behind that.  And apparently so could some of you.  Someone searched for did original flavor jake lose his dell in the ocean? and then our category winner here is: jake’s a comedian from vocal point.  Darn right he is!

And now we’ve got some TMtP-specific searches:

Well, maybe.  We’re not sure the searcher of vocal point byu, investigators blog was actually looking for us.  But there’s a decent chance that vocal point blog was actually an attempt to get here, so yay!  One of you agreed that we had the tmtp best vacation ever (it totally was).  And one of you darlings brought the flattery with tmtp is the bestest blog ever! ♥.  The category winner, though, is vocal point concert reviews.  Here’s why: our first reaction was, “Gee, another searcher who must be so disappointed.  Looking for real information and then finding our blog.”  But then we had a realization: we may actually be one of the few places on the internet to get vocal point concert reviews.  Like, we didn’t even make up the ones about the Covey concerts!  We could almost be considered a real source!  A knowledgeable source, no.  Completely factual, never.  We’re still going to make stuff up and we’ll never be considered legit, but… someone searched for “vocal point concert reviews” and we may have actually given them what they wanted!  Woot!

And for our last category, we have the Specialest Snowflake of the Week:

Tanner was Mr. Popularity on the blog this week, and deservedly so.  We mean, he went on a Victory Tour and everything.

Guys, there was skydiving involved.

We had searches for tanner nilsson trash in the camp (well, that’s close to the song title), tanner nilsson, tmtp favourite tanner nilsson, tanner is troi and crushers favorite (this week), and tmtp street point shenanigansSomeone was also curious if tanner’s sister vote for him on the tmtp blog campaign? (maybe she’ll pop by and tell us).  But we could not deny the winner of this category.  Oh no.  This was too good.  We give you: number 4 clipper cut for honey badger hair.


And now, this week’s runner-up and winner of 24,000 points is: jake hunsaker clubbing baby seals with a microphone.

(the carnage starts just after 1:15)


Just doesn’t ever get old, does it?

We’ve finally reached the point in the post where we can reveal this week’s What the What with a Cherry on Top winner of 38,000 TMtP blog points.  And that winner is:

a box of mccheez-its can totally save a life

You guys, it’s so true.  Sometimes you don’t have time to eat meals, and the only sustenance you get all day is the box of McCheez-its you left in your car.

But really, dear searcher, that was quite an ingenious little search.  We only mentioned the life-saving quality of McCheez-its in the hover over this picture from the podcast post:

Which, can we just say, this is one of our favorite photos we’ve taken, like, ever?  McButters and his McCheez-its… it’s a beautiful thing.

Anyway, moving right along to blog business…

Okay, a few things are on the blog agenda (bloggenda?) today, y’all. First up: We just noticed today that WordPress has started putting ads on our blog. We’re not really sure how long that’s been going on, so… our bad.  These ads aren’t tied to TMtP at all – we don’t select them, endorse them, or gain anything from them.  We’d have to pay money to go ad-free or be able to control the ads, and well… TMtP isn’t really a money-making venture.  (And who would want to advertise on here anyway?).  We just wanted to give everybody a heads up, in case you thought we had sold out or something (again… just who would be the buyers?).

Next, this is old news to those of you who “like” BYU Vocal Point on Facebook (and that had better be all of you. For real. We’re not playin’), but Vocal Point is holding auditions next week! Some of the guys are graduating or moving on from the group.  Which, seriously, guys?  MORE CHANGE?!?!?  You have to know how poorly we deal with change!  We’re just now starting to get the New Guys to warm up to us, and now you’re telling us that McButters is graduating?  For shame!  Anyway, if you know a male BYU student who can sing (and, you know, would totally come play on the blog) make sure they know about the auditions.  More info here.

And finally, here’s one last reminder to go vote for the reader-voted Troi and Crusher’s Weekly Favorite Vocal Pointer. The poll closes at midnight, Provo Daylight Time, so you’ve got a little while to get those last minute votes in. Get in there! Shake things up a little! That’s what we would do!

-Troi and Crusher


10 Responses to Adventures in Search Terms and Blog Business

  1. Marzipan says:

    Giving out negative points?! That has got to be a first. But I guess you can do whatever with your point system.

  2. McKay says:

    I do sing the 3rd solo in “Celebration”….

    And I sing lead in the 3rd song of our show. So its either one of those, or somebody McHatesMe 😦

    oh and ITS TRUE ABOUT THE CHEEZ-ITS! I’ve done that multiple times this week! After a few handfuls of those I’m Black In Action!

  3. River says:

    Well, I guess I might as well claim my negative points with the positive ones. “Vocal Point Concert Reviews” when searching for he blog on not my computer and whIle waiting for the results to be posted last week I asked the question with the Brittish spelling and then I claim the negative points in order to defend my statement on McAdorable.
    “McKay Crockett lead singer #3” was in response to he last week search of “Ross lead singer…” whatever to claim that McKay was one too. Since Jake got the first place award and Ross got claimed last week, the next number is three. I’m also going to state that I did search “McKay wins tmtp blog followers vote” so clearly I’m on McHonourable’s side.

    I’m at a net negative 10,000, but perhaps I get to claim being on the future winner’s side or to get put on his campaign committe for next week if he doesn’t win this week. Want the help, if needed, McCrockett?

  4. karen says:

    I am now claiming my points for “number 4 clipper cut for honey badger hair” and for “a box of mccheez-its can totally save a life.” 🙂
    I love McCheez-Its. That is, like, my favorite food. 🙂 ♥

  5. Silver says:

    I love TMtP blog points. Thanks.

  6. Fredette about it says:

    I am claiming my points for clubbing baby seals with microphones and Jakebert snark points….now excuse me while I go vote for Tanner!

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