Blog points, campaign wars, and the future of TMtP

So, we have a feeling that everyone is really anxious about the upcoming poll results (you’ll have to wait until Friday midday!), but we still have some old school TMtP points to give out for the hilarious searches y’all came up with while we were in Utah.  In this post-Provo trip era of blog points inflation…

(We kinda gave out a lot of these… oops!)

…category winners will now receive 10,000 TMtP points, the weekly runner-up gets 24,000 and the What the What with a Cherry on Top winner gets 38,000 points.  We can only hope that the world blog point markets will stabilize soon and return to a sense of normalcy.

Here we go:

In the now-infamous Special Snowflakes category that launched the current hot mess combo of political campaigning and bribery going on over in Poll Land:

We had searches for: ben murphy vocal point, mckay crockett, vocal point keith evans, keith mckay evans, vocal point lead singer ross welch (hey! he’s not the only one who sings lead!), totally missing tanner, mrs. tanner, and tanner’s sister, landon peay, frequency mcckay crockett (oh, if only more photos and videos were out there), jake tengelsenkeith jake vocal point blogspot (what does that even mean?) and the category winner: how tall is mccay crockett.   Well, we don’t have a clue how tall “mccay” crockett is, but we have stood next to “McKay” Crockett.  So his height we do know.  That guy is definitely taller than us, but shorter than Trevor (New Guy 3).  Hobbit-sized is still smaller than McCrockett-sized.

Alright, in the “Why don’t those Savage Brothers currently have a sitcom because clearly there is still mad-internet love for them” category:

We had the likely legitimate searches for fred and ben savage brothers, the savage brothers, ben savage 2012
(is he offering blog points as part of his campaign?), ben savage brother,and the winner: let’s not put jakebert on the search terms this week by not searching for him….oh wait. Yeah, since you’re not searching for him, we just won’t post his picture this week.

Oh wait.

Next up are all of the poor searchers who stumbled upon TMtP while googling around for information about completely unrelated subjects, or We’re Sorry, We Can’t Help You:

Getting search-love this week was: meryl davis, beef jerky, awesome shoes, stop clubbing baby seals, and cute babies asl.

No baby asl here.  We do have baby signing, though.  As in, babies being signed by Vocal Point.

There was also number 7 clipper haircut (Tanner actually uses a number 4), keep clubbing baby seals grammar, and sorting hat tradition.

Our sorting hat tradition involves Mikey making Jake a young Voldemort and Robert again getting to be the star of a Vocal Point pop culture pairing adventure.

Almost winning the category was where to get dress like one on footloose, just because that is a really good question.  However, the category winner is: how many shares does keith evans have in tribal.  At first we were all “What? We’re so confused!?!?!?” But then we remembered that there are other people named “Keith Evans” in the world, and perhaps one of them has shares in Tribal.  But then we decided that we wanted to reject the reality of all other Keith Evans, because the one we know is clearly the best.  Even if he doesn’t have any shares in Tribal.  He has shares in the collective heartspace of all of us, bloggers and readers alike, on TMtP.  So, we’re suggesting that if the original searcher for that one never shows up to claim their points, those points should go to Keith by default. Our blog, our rules.

In the “It Must Make Jake Happy to Get His Own Category” category:

We have some old remnants of Creepy Jake (spoiler: after seeing him perform live, we might be putting Creepy Jake to rest and fully throwing our blog weight behind Newscaster Jake): creepy jake becomes charming when he says “have you met mrs. jake?” blog, creepy jake leaning is hard blog (it totally is!), and creepy jake needs someone to help him groove naturally.

Little Caleb totally would!

In non-Creepy searches we had jakeicles a cappella blog and original flavour jake no longer creepy jake.  The category winner here, because it is just a fundamentally true statement is: original flavor jake is awesome.

In the Never Say Die Khaki Wars:

Some of you guys don’t want us to give up the good fight, and submitted searches such as a few good khakis(flatter noone), khakis flatter no one but snark flatters everyone, khakis flatter no one but snark is very attractive, and vp can’t handle that khakis(flatter noone).  For blog-relevance and cheekiness, the category winner is: no! don’t ever let the khaki wars end on t&c’s blog!!!! d:.

In the General Provo category:

Apparently we’re turning into a bit of a tourism / information blog for things taking place in Provo.  Someone found TMtP with: provo style blogs and tmtpbest vacation spots — we recommend anything on the McBrilliant list.

Especially Cafe Rio.

Then we had two searches for the same thing, although neither quite got the name right.  With vocal point academy we’re pretty sure we know what you’re looking for, and the category winner vocal remix academy is close enough to confirm that people are interested in the ReMix Vocal Academy some of the VP-ers are cooking up for summer.  We heard more about it in Provo, and at each night of Vocal Sport we saw the commercials for it on a loop.  There’s the impressively-decked out video, yes, but there’s also another promo video that contains some of the VP family.

Yup, that’s good ol’ New Guy 3, Trevor.  You’ll come to know (and possibly love) him as we tell you what we’ve learned about him and whatever we feel like making up about him.  Heh.  So anyway, check out the ReMix Vocal Academy website to see if it’s something you’re interested in.  We’re certainly interested in hearing from any of you who decide to do it and want to provide the blog with a participant’s view of the week.

And now we’ve got a hodge-podge of Blog-related searches:

Okay, so someone searched for totally missing the breakfast of champions.  Which was this:

Our first morning in Provo, this seemed like the ideal breakfast.  We were worried that Big Mama might be a little ashamed when she saw it, as really, that’s a pretty big grown-up fail right there.  However, her response was, “Looks like a good breakfast to me!”  This probably helps explain why we are the way we are, and thus… this blog’s existence.

We also had searches for what is the top search of the week, vp 100th post (can you guys believe we made it to 100?), do tmtp’s troi and crusher sing? (NO — that’s something no human ears should be subjected to), mcprecious favourite things, totally missing troi and crushers concert review (ahhh!!!  We’re sorry!  We promise we’ll get to it soon!), troi & crusher, i want to be blessed daughter! please? (you’ll have to talk to Big Mama about that), totally missing troi and crusher, vocal point favorite member polltotally missing the best comment thread ever and the category winner: mckay will be very disappointed if he doesn’t meet troi and crusher today.  Yeah, he really threw down the McMandate on that one.  There may have even been some McThreats.  But it’s not like we were dodging him — we just weren’t sure he wanted to meet us (yes, we know… it sounds silly now to us, too).  But then we all met and it was glorious and we covered him in blog stickers and he was McEverything we expected.

Love that guy.

And finally, in the new-to-this-week-but-maybe-sticking-around-for-the-longhaul category of the Poll Campaign:

There was a bit of a push to get a Tyler campaign going with captain awesome campaign on tmtp and papa sterling is voting for captain awesome on tmtp (oh, we can only hope.  If that search was actually done by Papa Sterling, we are willing to give you 89,750 points if you want to claim them.  Papa Sterling, you’re the best!  If it wasn’t done by the Papa, then no points for you Searcher, for falsely getting our hopes up.  Sorry.).

There were also searches relating to the various forms of points that were invented in the competitive fury that surrounded the poll once we took off all of the reasonable parameters.  We SO love that worthless points were being invented and distributed to aid in a race for a worthless title.  Because remember, this isn’t even a poll to determine the overall favorite Vocal Pointer.  No, this poll was to determine who the readers thought should be Troi and Crusher’s favorite, since we refuse to pick one.   So we had vote tanner 2012, get tanner street points. me like., vote for snarky kevin blog, mcblogpoints, snark points, and snark points on tmtp.

Some of y’all wanted to point out the rising overall madness with tmtp blog point wars and tmtp blog point madness.  And then one of you wins the category by basically summing up our feelings on watching all of the fun unfold: troi and crusher allow ,no, encourage shenanigans and campaign nonsense.   We totally do.

And this week’s overall runner-up is: honey badger stuffs vote in tmtp campaign.  Well, we don’t know about that, but Tanner did certainly start the fun.  He may be a man of few words during VP songs (he’s more a man of awesome sounds), but he’s got quite the politician-streak in him, if his rallying of the fans is any indication.

And finally, this week’s What the What with a Cherry on Top winner is…

[Drum roll]

keith, good for blogging, bad for ice cream recommendations.

Keith is great for blogging!  But do you know how he gives ice cream recommendations at the BYU Creamery?  Where we had never been before?  By recommending a flavor based solely on its name, not because he had ever even tried it before himself.  His reasoning, “It sounds good.”  Which, we suppose it did.  But Robert could promise that something tasted good, which is generally more important when it comes to choosing ice cream flavors.  But Keith totally redeemed himself by giving us some great advice on navigating around Provo and all sorts of other blog helper things that will be revealed in the coming blog-days.  He’s a total blog star, so we can rib him a bit for going out on a limb for German Chocolate Crunch without any experience to back it up.

Now onto blog business.

Hey, we don’t have any questions in anticipation of our Provo trip, because it already happened.  This is actually kind of sad.  Many, many thanks to all of the readers who helped us out with directions and gave activity and restaurant recommendations and took us on tours and met us at the concerts and were just generally wonderful all the way around.

Okay.  Time to get real here for a second.  All of y’all know that we have a pretty specific pool of material to draw from in regards to the blog.  We sort of thought that after Provo, we would be able to blog about the trip, and then would have to quietly put the blog out to pasture.


We don’t want that to happen.

After going to Provo and meeting the guys and talking with readers, we realize what an awesome little community we have here.  And we don’t want it to go away.  So, we’re going to do our best to figure out how to keep this little blog chugging along for the foreseeable future.  While we’ve got a few more days together in the same city, we’re brainstorming ways to increase TMtP’s longevity.  We’re talking about new blog features, a possible slight reduction in posting (maybe we’ll take weekends off?), new ways to get content, etc. etc.  So, expect more news from us about all of this in the future, once we figure out just how to keep from breaking the fun that is TMtP.

-Troi and Crusher


17 Responses to Blog points, campaign wars, and the future of TMtP

  1. Tanner says:

    So much to say…but for now I’ll stick with this:

    The last paragraph of this post makes me happy.

    Like warm fuzzies happy 😀

  2. Tanner's sister! says:

    you had searches for tanner’s sister?…. I’M tanner’s sister….
    ….. cool ….. 🙂

  3. Silver says:

    I’m claiming my blog points…troi and crusher allow ,no, encourage shenanigans and campaign nonsense. and….keith, good for blogging, bad for ice cream recommendations. Not bad for one week.

    I do hope you can find a way to keep this insanity going. Love it.

  4. Borah says:

    Are you going to do a performance review for the remaining performances from The Sing-Off? I love reading about those!
    I am so sad that I wasn’t able to meet you guys after the Friday show. It sounds like you had an amazing time in Utah!

  5. I love a cappella says:

    What do we do? I also searched, “keith, good for blogging, bad for ice cream recommendations.” Do we have to split the “points” or do we each get them? 🙂

    I am also claiming: “original flavor jake is awesome.” (Which he is–just beware of the mic when he is around);-)

  6. SweetPotato says:

    Claiming points for:
    “mckay will be very disappointed if he doesn’t meet troi and crusher today.” and “let’s not put jakebert on the search terms this week by not searching for him….oh wait.” 🙂

    And hear hear to the other commenters, long live the blog! 🙂
    Seriously though, blogging is just so unappreciated now. It’s great to find this little Internet gem out of nowhere 😉

  7. Tigereem says:

    Claiming my points for “No! Don’t ever let the khaki wars end on T&C’s blog!!!! D:” I also agree with everyone else. Long live TMtP! 😀
    T&C: If y’all are looking for more blog material, I highly suggest that you look up “I’m Yours” on YouTube. Ben absolutely rocks the lead and I think mycroft16 put it up. It’s my personal fave. 😉

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