Announcement on the poll deadline (from the plane)

WE’RE BLOGGING IN SPACE!!!  (Or on a plane.)  (Still excited.)

So we’ve been keeping our noses out of the poll shenanigans, because we’re curious to see how just how high the stakes can be raised.  Not sure anyone can top Mikey’s offer, though.  Of course, everyone needs to remember that the Original TMtP points are still the main currency around here and are totally the best.  If TMtP points ceased to be the Justin Timberlake of this NSYNC, perhaps TMtP would cease to exist altogether.  Just like NSYNC.

Anyway, we wanted to let everyone know that poll will close at midnight tomorrow Provo Daylight Time.  Not Mountain Daylight Time.  Provo Time.  As far as we’re concerned, everything worth blogging about in Mountain Time is in Provo.

Results should be announced sometime around midday on Friday, so be on the lookout for that.

Alright, we’re in the final push now folks.  Consider the candidates and their various platforms / bribes, make your choice(s), and place your votes!

-Troi and Crusher


16 Responses to Announcement on the poll deadline (from the plane)

  1. fredette about it says:

    I think the poll should be weekly(open Friday to Wednesday)….you could announce the winner along with the blog points.

  2. Tanner says:

    Fellow citizens, fellow blog readers, fellow khaki lovers, haters, and wearers alike. I address you now to lay before you the gravity of our current situation. Here we find ourselves entangled in a battle of awesomeness, wit, humor, snark, and bribes. What once has brought us together now divides us, one against another. As we seek to participate in this inspired institution that binds us, let us not forget that we are all one. Let us not forget that we are all equal, all loved, and that all Vocal Point members are equal in the eyes of Troi and Crusher.

    And most definitely, let us not forget….

    That Tanner is definitely the favorite and that you should all vote for him and claim your awesome Tanner’s Street Points that are infinitely worthless and infinitely better than McBlahBlahBlah points and Snarl points and who wants to have a baby named after them anyways that’s just weird.

    Vote For Tanner 2012
    It’s the cool thing to do.

  3. yaznicole says:

    “and who wants to have a baby named after them anyways that’s just weird.”
    So yeah, I just snorted so loud of laughter.
    Tanner… you almost persuaded me into voting for you.
    My loyalty still lies with Keith.

    • Bela says:

      Although I love them all, I’d have to agree with you. Keith is soaked in oblivious state of awesomeness and swag:D

  4. Troi's Husband says:

    I had to vote for Tanner on the basis of that line alone. LOL.

  5. Could Vocal Point be cooler? says:

    McBlahBlahBlah points? 6 votes for cracking me up.

    • Bela says:

      McBlahBlahBlah has now become my favorite McNickName. Tanner, you’ve more than earned your street cred. Bonus votes for you!

  6. SweetPotato says:

    That… was… amazing…

    I mean, there’s just so much wit and blunt humour in that I don’t even know what to do with it. Except for vote. Which I already did, so….

  7. I love a cappella says:

    Bahahaha! McBlahBlahBlah and “who wants to have a baby named after them anyways that’s just weird.”

    Well done Tanner!! You got the blog fired up again. 🙂
    More votes coming your way.

  8. Tanner Street says:

    Tanner you the man with the master plan!

    Now McBlahBlahBlah, Kevin, and “I’ll name my baby after you” need to make their final platform speeches.

    But remember: A vote for Tanner is a vote for COOL!

  9. karen says:

    I have already voted for you at least a couple dozen times, but I’m gonna have to add on bonus votes now. That was awesome. You should run for president. 🙂

  10. Silver says:

    Best campaign season ever…..and I’m still undecided.

  11. Bela says:

    Aww (big smile) I’ll take it thank you

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