Day Six or Round Two of the Children’s Talent Show

So, it’s our last full day in Provo and we’re having a blast so far. The trip up to Morgan got canceled in favor of something more fun: lunch with Keith! Now we’re going to hit up a few more local highlights before returning to the trenches for night two of Vocal Sport.
-Troi and Crusher


Update #1:

After lunch with Keith we did some shopping.  We stopped at a jewelry store, Argento Jewelry, where we found some matching necklaces (one of the only benefits of not living near each other is that we can buy matching things without it being too cutesy-cutesy).  We got to chatting with the guy at the store, and ended up telling him about the blog and giving him one of our business cards (oh yes, those of you not here, we totally rolled into Provo with TMtP business cards).  Super-nice guy and he didn’t seem to judge us too harshly for having a blog like, well… this. 🙂  So for that alone, we decided to give him and the store a blog shout-out.  Yay for pretty jewelry!

So now we’re back at our hotel, getting “psyched up” for Vocal Sport (really, the guys are hilarious and the kids are pretty darn cute).  Meanwhile, we’re having the best blog time ever watching the poll shenanigans develop.  We’re glad to see that the usual suspects have thrown their hats into the ring, and that some of you readers are taking up the cause of some of the other guys.  This is going to be hysterical.

-T and C


7 Responses to Day Six or Round Two of the Children’s Talent Show

  1. SweetPotato says:

    Have fun! And MAN did you guys see the campaign that guy has going on?! Snark points… Very smart.

    Keith, you, Tanner, and Ben have my points. 🙂

  2. fredette about it says:

    Just a random thought here….I may be Totally Missing the Point…. but between McBlog Points, Pizzlers and Snark Points(oh my!); not to mention original TMtP blog points we may have a need for another blog spin off brewing….Totally Making the Point(s): to keep up with the relative values(and names) of the points (net value is zero of course). You could have a ratings system (Nilsson Ratings perhaps).

  3. I love a cappella says:

    How ’bout them Cougars? That was an AWESOME game!!!

  4. HamNeggs says:

    Omg that jewelry is sooo pretty. I hope they deliver! Glad you had way fun.

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