Friday Night Concert, or the One Where We First Saw VP Live

Alright everybody, we’re going to try to give a quick rundown of some of our first impressions from the Friday concert.  We’ll be comparing our notes (that’s not metaphorical, we really have matching notebooks that we used to write down little gems of VP-ness) and sharing our thoughts with you all.

Now, we’re not going to be getting super-analytical here.  We don’t want to spoil the details for those of you who will be seeing either of the remaining shows at the Covey this weekend, and we want to wait until we’ve seen the whole thing multiple times to solidify our opinions.  If y’all knew how many times we watched the Youtube clips before analyzing them, this would all make sense.

And, here we go!

So you can see from the pic we posted earlier, we had some great seats.  Greater even than we realized when we first sat down.  After settling in for a bit, we were tapped on the shoulder by the person sitting behind us, and asked by a delightful young lady if we were Troi and Crusher.  Outed before the concert even started.  Thanks, Staci. 😉

We laughed about it and thought it was cool, and that that would be the only excitement for us before the concert began.  But then…

We got tapped on the shoulder again.  Two other girls had sat down next to Staci.  Her friends perhaps, we thought.  Oh no.  Again, we were asked straight out if we were Troi and Crusher.  Were we wearing name tags we didn’t know about?  Did we just reek of blog?  Nope, these gals recognized our hair from the Uno lady pic.  And just who were our new friends?  Oh readers.  It’s almost too good to be true.  They were… two of the McSisters.  Day made.

After chatting it up with the McSisters and deciding that we pretty much love the whole McFamily, we once again prepared for the concert to begin.


The people with the seats on the end of our aisle arrived.  And who might they be?

Mikey and Mrs. Mikey.  (For real.)  We had a little baby gift for the expectant parents, so we broke our own rule and introduced ourselves to pass it off to them.  After a few minutes (seriously, is this concert ever going to start?) Mikey leaned over to us and was all, “Hey guys, look back a few rows.  There’s Tyler.”  Geez.  We’re not sure where we were on the Awkward-Awesome Scale at that point (maybe it’s actually a Venn diagram and we were in the elusive overlap?) but we exchanged some “This situation is so weird” smiles and waves with Tyler and then willed the concert to start already before anything more bizarre could happen.  (Note: it’s not like the concert actually started that late, but when you feel like the blowing of your pseudonym covers is spreading like wildfire, time tends to move at an odd pace.)

Okay, now some rapid-fire thoughts of the songs and various patter segments from the show:


-“Celebration” — Loved the “seeing it I2I” hand motion and can we just say FINGER GUNS?  Love.

-“Footloose” — Tanner totally dropped it like it’s hot and Jake took creative control and pointed wherever he darn well pleased.

-Ross patter segment — He totally told the audience they could leave.  Or stay.  Our choice, he told us.  We stayed.

-“Life is a Highway” — Performed in nine matching “cowboy” hats.  Also, Robert actually threw his hat into the air this time.  We both wrote that in our notes.  Not sure why that was so important to us.

-Tanner patter — He spoke about song choice, specifically related to the Sing-off, and trying to pick uplifting material.

-“Dare You to Move” — ROBERT’S OVERTONE SINGING THING IS SO COOL.  Rossface had his rock vocal quality turned up to 11.  And Tanner is even more impressive in person.  And WHOA that song had some serious step-touch choreography.  Like, we’re not talking beginner-level stuff here.  This was like Expert Mode.

-Jake patter! — “If you need a name to shout out during the concert, mine’s a good one.”  HI-larious.  And props for the shout out to his missus.

-“The Way You Look Tonight” — Troi wrote down “sassy Tanner face” and Crusher wrote down “sassy Tanner hip bumps” so apparently, Tanner was just extra sassy all around during this number.  And we spotted a Jake Hop. 🙂

-Audience Q&A segment — McButters started this off by talking with an audience member in the center of the house.  Trevor started to head towards our section of the audience, looking for a person to direct the next question to.  Then he walked into our row.  And turned to Crusher.  “Can I ask you a question?” he said (while McKay was still doing his other bit, this was all off-mic and not the focus of the show at this point).  “No,” she replied, politely but firmly.  “Okay,” he said, and turned to Mikey’s brother who agreed to answer a question in front of the crowd.  Now, Crusher would have refused to be a part of audience participation under any circumstances, but she certainly wasn’t going to risk being outed as one of the blog girls in front of everyone.  Plus, she totally knew what the question would be and the answer, which would have just been too darn creepy.  Sorry, Trevor.  Thanks for not pushing the issue.  25,000 blog points to you if you want to claim them!  The McSisters swear they didn’t call him over our way, and with blog points on the line, we’re inclined to believe them.  Oh, and for the third question, which was switched up from the Youtube video we had previously seen, without spoiling the question for anyone, we’ll just say that our official guess would have been 24 hobbits (you didn’t specify unit of measure).

-“Never Say Never” — Thanks Trevor for the subtle little shout-out (a whisper-out, if you will, just the way we like it) while introducing McKay as “McBieber.” McBieber totally sold the lead all the way through, and he dropped it way further to the ground than Kevin used to.

-Jon patter — Loved the full commitment to the storytelling.  And to avoid being spoiler jerks, we’ll just say that the way Jon ended his part of the segment was perfect.

-Elmo! — This bit was fun.  Fun and awkward and really fun when Robert accidentally called Jon “Ben.”  Can “Ben-Jon” be his blog nickname?

-“No Not Much” — Total McPreciousness all over the place.  Just. So. Shelf.

-Robert patter — Story time with Bobert.  Glasses!  Trees!  Confused Trevor and Landon in the background!

-“All Creatures of Our God and King” — Original Flavor Jake is now the lead on this number.  Really beautiful choral arrangement.  Nice job!

-Landon patter — Talked about all of the soul in McKay’s little white body.  Note for those who were there: we were SO not the ones to shout out “McSoulful!”  We’re not ones to narc, but it may have been a McSister.

-“Higher and Higher” — This was just great.  The hand movements were classic Vocal Point “Why does that look so flippin’ cool?”  And then… BAM! HUMAN PINWHEEL.  And not just that.  BEST HUMAN PINWHEEL EVER.  It was totally a 9.5 out of 10.  So glad we get to see that wonder two more times.

-McKay patter — Talked about picking songs to end acts of shows.

-“Elvis Medley” — Robert holds it down on lead for the beginning now.  And in the “Can’t Help Falling in Love” portion, we were really able to hear more detail in Tanner’s vocal percussion work.


So.  Intermission.  Our game plan was to hunker down in our seats and not draw any attention to ourselves.  But then Tyler came up and introduced himself.  We were like, “Tyler, we know who you are.”  We had a nice little not-too-awkward chat with him.  We also spoke some more with Mikey and Mrs. Mikey, and then the McSisters delivered unto us an amazing gift.  Hugs from McMama!  She is just as sweet in person as we’d imagined the woman who raised McKay would be.  And as a pint-sized bonus, we also got to meet the McNiece, who guest stars in the “Jump Jive” music video as the child genius.  She totally is a child genius.  As such, we gave her blog points.  Which we think her mother will steal.  This is why we love the McSisters.


-“Game Day” — Original Flavor Jake cracked up at something wonky at the beginning of the number.  The Rossface was truly epic here.  Yay for New Jake’s back flip, although his in-ear popped out during it.  He then had to blow the pitch and start the opening of the next song before he had a chance to slip it back in.

-“Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” — New Jake on the solo, and Original Flavor providing us with only some mild Creepy action.

-New Jake patter — We think he may have given the Advocates a shout-out, without mentioning their name.

-“We All Need Saving” — We noticed for the first time that this song was arranged by Paul (one of the victims of the McPlot), and Tanner was amazing on it as always.

-Tanner patter — Basically he talked about what a fuzzy teddy bear Ross is.

-“You Really Got Me” — A teddy bear of RAWK.  And WHOA Tanner and Robert.  Just.  WHOA.  And then Troi wrote in her notes “Ross wipes out” and Crusher wrote “Ross bit it,” so we’ll let you imagine what could have happened.  It was very Rock Star, we’ll say that.

-Ross patter — He talked about when is the appropriate time to start listening to Christmas music.  When the music in question is VP’s version of 12 Days of Christmas, the answer is anytime.  Like right now.

-“Twelve Days of Christmas / Africa” — Great little moment of Robert doing some math trying to figure out what day they should be on.  And then during the “Carol of the Bells” squat Jake delivered in the splayed limbs department in the most satisfying way imaginable.  But, there was no Fish Jake.  New Jake did some swimming to compensate, but we missed the Fish.  Landon held down the “Africa” solo like a boss.

-McKay patter! — McKay mentioned that the guys were using in-ear monitors for the first time at the Covey tonight.  Those things can be a beast to deal with, and some of the more, shall we say, McExcitable groovers had issues keeping them in place.  McKay also does a great puppy dog impersonation.

-“Savior, Redeemer of My Soul” —  The guys always manage to nail this type of number.

-Tanner patter — The rest of the guys left and we got excited because we knew what that meant.  Tanner said the guys didn’t want to do the next song with him because it was just a bunch of funny sounds, “But that’s kind of what I do.”

-“Trashin’ the Camp / Tanner’s Solo” — Well sweet dang.  Minds blown.  Words fail.  Standing ovation.

-Jake patter — Gave props to Tanner for winning Best Vocal Percussion at the ICCA Finals.  We were wishing for someone to take the bait and return the compliment by pointing out that Jake was the Best Soloist at the same competition.  But no dice.

-“Jump Jive an’ Wail” — McButters brought it, as always.  New Jake was pulling some faces that are clearly nickname worthy, but we’re going to wait until we come up with the perfect moniker so we don’t settle on something insufficient.

Standing ovation.


-“Every Little Step” — McCrockett puts his own spin on the song, and it totally works.  Original Flavor Jake was everything we wanted in this performance and more.

-“God Bless the USA” — Nice lead work from Trevor and McButters with great support from all of the guys.  They all looked like they had put in so much effort to the entire concert.  That means they were sweaty.

And even though this post is such a picture-less monster at this point, we’re going to charge forward (we’re so tired!) and talk about the amazing readers we got to meet after the show.  Everyone kind of strolled through in their own time, so we never had a big crowd, but we loved meeting all of you.  And giving you blog points.

One reader, we’ll call her River, gave us permission to tell the story of the night she first found TMtP.  She was getting ready for a date, and needed to kill some time and then found the blog.  She started reading it, and realized after an hour that she was getting stood up.  But, she told us that she thought, “Well, I might be getting stood up, but at least this blog is making me laugh.”  We love that story and we’re glad the blog could be a distraction.

We also had an awesome reader who didn’t get a chance to go to the concert, and yet still stopped by the meeting point to say hi to us.  Yay for commitment we don’t deserve!  We really should have given you more blog point stickers.  So… 15,000 more points to you!

AND we got to hang out with the McSisters and McNiece some more.  Love those girls.

OH!  Side note: we picked the worst. spot. EVER for the blog meet-up.  Seriously y’all, we are so sorry.  Sometimes, when picking a spot for a nighttime gathering, it helps to see where the streetlights are.  And where the actual foot paths will take people.  We’ll be changing the location for tomorrow.  Because, wow… worst bloggers ever.

Then we hoofed it back to our hotel, laughing hysterically at what our lives are like right now.  After a quick food run, we started in on this beast of a post, and wow.  This is obscenely long.  We’re so sorry.  We’ll try to be more brief in our thoughts on the rest of the concerts.  Yeah.

-Troi and Crusher


10 Responses to Friday Night Concert, or the One Where We First Saw VP Live

  1. Marzipan says:

    Is this River as in River Song?

  2. Lynette says:

    You two were sitting two rows in front of me (I was right in front of Tyler) but I foolishly didn’t come talk to you! However, Mikey showed me the baby gift you gave him and the wifey and it was so adorable 🙂 I’m glad you two liked the show!

    • Aw, we would have loved to say hi to you (you’ve been such a Provo-brainstorming helper), but we understand that things were pretty hectic at the concert. We hope you enjoyed it too! 🙂
      -T and C

  3. Staci says:

    Anytime, ladies. 🙂

  4. Kris says:

    Oh T and C,

    It was a genuine pleasure to meet both of you last night! Sorry I am bucketfuls of awkward. And yes, I am proudly claiming my 63,500 blog points (even if 25,400 of them might “technically” be McNiece’s). Wish I were going to the other shows with you. Enjoy and can’t wait to read abt the rest of your UT adventure.

    Staci, so nice to meet you. And to the cute reader who was having a lovely conversation outside with T&C until we brought our noisy McCircus out, I’m so sorry for barging in…

    P.S. When mcbrother learned of why we were outside, a crowd of VPers rushed out to the meeting spot to find you, but ya’ll had left. Almost like you beamed out of there… Moral of this random P.S.: T&C, VPers are on a mission to find you – but in a nice kind of way. 🙂

    • Sarnic Dirchi says:

      O.o lol. You barge in? Never! It was a pleasure to meet you three as well! 🙂 Who can be miffed at seeing/meeting three McCutenesses in one spot??? 😀

      T&C -Looks like we got out of there in the nick of time! 😉 haha! Ah. Timing. Gotta love it. 😀

  5. SweetPotato says:

    I totally get what you mean by swimming there. 😀 There’s some videos online of last night and this cracked me up so much.

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