Giving out blog points a night early (because we’re going to Utah tomorrow… wait, WHAT?)

You GUYS! This time tomorrow we’re going to be en route to Provo! We’re so weirded out by this. The trip has seemed like something way off in the future until we had to get out our suitcases and start packing. So, since we’ll be traveling tomorrow evening, we decided to share the weekly search terms, dole out some blog points, and do our blog business / Utah trip updates tonight. Remember, category winners get 1000 worthless TMtP blog points each, the runner-up gets 3500 points, and the What the What with a Cherry on Top grand prize winner gets 8000 points. So let’s get cooking!

We’ll get this point party started with the now-classic Blog Jokes category:

Someone thought it would be funny to search for creepy jake is a young voldemort? (which, according to Mikey, he is), tanner’s hair is a real live honey badger! o.o, and  bad dino vocal point a capella blog (LOL!). We also got mckay from vocal point loves carpet matching khakis

(he totally does), mcrascalflatts blog (Bless his heart!), and mr. mcrightangle crockett.


In the “blessed daughter” sub-category, we’ve got totally missing kevin as blessed daughter (we think he’s probably okay with not being blessed daughter, actually), and then mckay from vocal point wishes he was blessed daughter (seems… unlikely), and tmtp blessed daughter sighting (maybe this weekend!). Also funny were how to keep vocal point away from skinny jeans and keith, teach me how to bell kick like you (it is impressive, isn’t it?). The winner of 1000 points in this category is: mcboogie provo style blog, because it totally cracks us up… even if we’re not entirely sure what it means.  But we may use that phrase as a barometer of cool as we weigh our options of what to do in Provo.  Is this activity “Regular Provo Style” cool, or “McBoogie Provo Style” cool?

It seems like the Khaki Wars are finally dying down, but we still got a few searches that were khaki-related:

does snark miss the point with khakis managed to get someone here, and really, we feel that snark and khakis are two of the cornerstones of our blog. And then there was troi and crusher will eventually win the khaki wars, which, let’s be honest. We won’t. This doesn’t mean we’re going to give up the fight, but we know we’re likely fighting a losing battle. So, if we’re going to lose, we’d like to think we’re Mal and Zoe fighting against the Khaki Alliance and eventually we’ll have our own awesome Serenity Crew where we exist on the periphery, always managing to stay out of the Khakis reach while also avoiding Reavers and such.  Anyway, the category winner here is: troi and crusher, my school a cappella group is thinking of making khakis their look. help! We are so, so sorry. Here’s the thing: a cappella groups aren’t particularly known for being fashionable. In fact, many of them absolutely relish in their poor style. For example, here’s a pic from a performance by the Dartmouth Aires:

(from the Youtube of DartmouthAires)

See? Fashion disasters. But they’re having a blast, and clearly don’t take themselves too seriously. Generally college a cappella groups tend to fit into a few basic categories with their outfit choices.  There’s the matching business casual (VP) or formal wear (Whiffenpoofs), the color-coordinated tragic take on clubwear (um… most mixed-gender groups), the joke and / or theme-based outfits (common w/ all male groups, although we’ve seen some mixed groups do it too) or all black clothing.  It’s a hard road to navigate.  So, what we’re saying is, if you can’t talk them out of it and you’re stuck wearing khakis, try to make the best of it.

As always, searches for specific Vocal Point guys bring y’all here, so here are the top searches from the Special Snowflakes category:

Lots of searches for the guys by their names: mckay crockett, tanner nilsson, jake tengelsen, keith mckay evans, and robert seely all led people here. To those searchers we would just like to issue our standard disclaimer that this is not the site to come to if you’re looking for legit information about anyone or anything related to Vocal Point. Some people decided to jazz up the standard search with ben murphy vocal point, vocal point ross, vocal point mckay,  vocal point keith evans, vocal point robert seely, and jake tengelsen vocal point. Please see the above disclaimer. Some people are apparently totally missing the benface, totally missing vocal point, and totally missing the point robert. Speaking of Robert, someone was looking for robert seely elmo bass, so enjoy the beginning of the Telephone Opera, ‘kay? And for the record, yes rossface is awesome

and rossface is awesome! so are vocal point guys playing air instruments! Oh, and we’re pretty sure keith evans vocal point nickname is just “Kevin,” but we’ll entertain suggestions for a blog nickname for him. We floated “Geordi” by him once, but he didn’t take to it, so… leave fun nicknames in the comments! And finally, the winner of the category is: why won’t troi and crusher tell us who their favorite vocal point guy is? Man! Y’all are nosy! If this really matters to you guys, go ahead and pick a favorite for us. That’s right, we’re letting the readers of this blog pick our VP favorite. Vote in the poll if you want to!

So the guys may all be special snowflakes, but  Jake consistently brings in some of the funniest search terms, so he gets his own category:

We’ve got the standard creepy jake, vocal point blog creep jake, and the combo of snarky keith and creepy jake. Someone decided to shake it up a little with newscaster jake.

Oh, Newscaster Jake.  We loved you so!  But it seems you are gone forever.  How will we cope?  Another searcher clearly felt some sympathy for Jake with poor creepy jake can’t dance 😦 . Which, isn’t always true — he did just fine in the “Jump Jive” music video group swing session.  And, because our readers REALLY know how to bring the snark (we love you guys, we really, really do) we got a hysterical search for when will this website magically turn into jake hunsaker’s youtube page? (never!) and the category winner of 1000 points is: what?!?!! this blog still isn’t jake hunsaker’s youtube? but why??!!  This… this is why we love y’all.

And of course any discussion about Jake leads us to Jakebert and the rest of the Savage Brothers:

savage brothers, ben savage brothers, fred and ben savage brother, and ben savage similar actor all got people here… which, we’re pretty sure, is not where they wanted to be. And of course, one of y’all searched for jakebert, because you know it makes us happy. And then one of you won the category and 1000 points by taking things up a notch and searching for jakebert loves khakis, which, you know, he probably does. Just look at him!

Next up we have the Sorry Our Blog Can’t Give You What You Want category:

We’re going to whip through these, because let’s be real… the chances of these searchers sticking around the blog for any length of time are about as slim as the Savages actually adopting Jakebert as one of their own.  So we’ve got: ‘vocal point footloose”, clippercut, number 4 clipper haircut (oh, Tanner’s hair… such a honeybadger), vocal point sing off (please, please, please find a more reputable source than us!), flatter (?), wears cravats, beef jerky, and meryl davis.

Okay, we’ll throw you a bone for that one, as she has the World Championships coming up.  And then there was vocal point az, grammar jokes baby seals, you tube + vocal point (WHY?!?!?!), and the winner: urban method practices where?.  Um, we don’t know.  But we did have a reader we’ll call DJ Tanner who sent us this hilariously doodled-on blog posting from about UM and VP’s friendship.

(click on it to expand)

Okay, now we’ve got the searches that are All About TMtP.

Okay, so we had tmtp vocal point star trek line-up (hmm… we’ll think about it, but we like the thought that Star Trek pseuds are earned via blog-activity only) and now that shirt is just mcadorable!

It is!  There was also i ♥ totally missing the point (aw, thanks!), totally missing troi and crusher (we didn’t go anywhere?), tmtp vocal point t-shirts (here’s the link to the Swag! page), totally missing the march vocal point concerts (don’t worry, we’ll blog all about them for you), vocal point’s troi and crusher blog (what?  that would be about ten shades of weird), and the winner: vocal point a capella made up information blog.  Yes, finally someone who knew what they were getting themselves into.

And finally, some of y’all were All About the Points:

So there was would you say i have a plethora of tmtp blog points? (we don’t know unless you include how many points you have), tmtp blog point envy for mcbutters (oh boy, just keep on reading if you really want to be envious), totally missing tmtp point grab by robert to take lead from keith (it was awesome and totally ninja-like), this is another search for tmtp blog point (you can only go to that blatant well so many times), likes getting tmtp blog points (who does?).  And the category winner is: searching for some tmtp blog points wink wink nudge nudge.  What can we say, we like the coyness of it.

And this week’s runner-up is: my goal in life is to one day win tmtp’s what the what with a cherry on top.
Well, we’d hate for you to be purposeless in life so soon, so we’re going to give you something to keep striving for.  Enjoy the 3500 points, though.

So that means that this week’s What the What with a Cherry on Top winner of 8000 points is…

next week (or… this week) troi and crusher are going to… are you ready? provo!!! to see vocal point!

We are!  And now it’s actually tomorrow!  Oh boy, what have we done?

Alright, time for a little blog business.  Some of you are probably wondering what ever happened to that McBrilliant list McKay was working on.  Well, he actually emailed it to us two nights ago.  And you guys… it’s in the form of his favorite things!  Totally McPrecious meets McSoundOfMusic.  Here’s an abbreviated version of it for your reading pleasure: BYU, Café Rio, three different malls, Comedy Sportz, the Museum of Art, Temple Square, and Vocal Point concerts (we’ll definitely have that one covered, at least).  So, to reward him for totally being a McBlogHelper, we’re giving McKay 50,000 TMtP points.

McKay’s not the only one who has been giving us email recommendations, though.  Our first tipster, Clarissa, has also gone above-and-beyond the call of blog readership to provide us with some fantastic info.  She gave us a whole detailed list of restaurants, including her own personal recommendations from the menus.  And, y’all should just see the amazing directions she’s hooked us up with.  We’re talking from the airport to Provo, Provo to Morgan, the closest gas station to the airport, landmarks, what lanes we need to be in, etc. etc.  Truly epic.  Her written wisdom combined with our smart phone GPS has us actually not freaking out about getting lost, never to be seen again.  So, for being more helpful than we deserve, we’re also giving Clarissa 50,000 TMtP points!

There have been some other fantastic  helpers, but they’re people who go incognito on the blog, so those blog-anonymous tipsters can relish in 50,000 Incognito TMtP points of their own (incognito points are just like regular points, only even more worthless).

Okay, and now for our Utah trip updates:

As a reminder, shoot us an email if you want to stop by our little blog “say hi” greeting spot after the Covey concerts.  On Friday, we’ll go scope out a location (probably a bench near the Covey) and email anyone who has expressed interest in saying hi.  And don’t feel like you need to be a regular commenter or anything to email us.  The number of people we currently know in Utah is, well, zero, so we’ll be happy to meet any readers and their confused family and friends or whoever.  So hit us up at totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com.  You can also send any last minute Provo-suggestions to us there (or in a comment, whatever floats your boat). 🙂

And finally, we wanted to give you guys a bit of an idea on how we plan to go about blogging this whole mess.  Our current game plan (which is totally subject to change if it turns out to be a disaster), is to do a daily trip post, that we can update throughout the day with various tidbits of goodness.  So, for example, tomorrow we’ll have “Day One: Traveling to Provo” and we’ll let you guys know how our journey to Utah goes.  (Crusher may even go on a blogging binge late tomorrow night, as her flight gets into Salt Lake City two hours before Troi’s does.  That’s a lot of airport time to kill, y’all… let’s hope there’s Wi-Fi!)

Then, if something happens during the day that deserves its own post, we’ll throw that up on the blog too.  Longer analyses and shenanigan storytelling pieces will probably happen after the fact.  So, on a concert day, you’ll probably get our quick thoughts in the daily post, then maybe a simple concert wrap up at the end of the day, and then once we’re back home we’ll be able to do things like in-depth analyses of specific songs and whatnot.  At least, we think that’s how it will work out.  We’re not really sure.  Surprisingly, we’ve never done this before.  And there aren’t too many examples of bloggers who have undertaken similarly weird adventures.  We’re sort of in a class of our own.  It’s the weird class that’s hidden off in the corner of the school, where dangerous science experiments are conducted and rap adaptations of Shakespeare are performed and gym is offered as an online class.  It’s a kooky little corner of the Internet, but it’s ours.  So, that’s how we think things may work out, posting-wise.  If it turns into a big ol’ mess, we’ll come up with another way to go about all of this craziness.

Okay, we both still have packing to do (why do suitcases always seem so big until you start to fill them and then they quickly and drastically shrink in size?), so we better end this post.  The next time you hear from us, we’ll have started our trek (heh) to Provo!  Ahhhhhh!

-Troi and Crusher


7 Responses to Giving out blog points a night early (because we’re going to Utah tomorrow… wait, WHAT?)

  1. SweetPotato says:

    Whew, went a bit crazy with the searches this week. Anyways, (big breath) claiming:

    “keith, teach me how to bell kick like you”

    “how to keep vocal point away from skinny jeans” (it took so many variations of that to find the blog. it was originally “how to keep creepy jake away from skinny jeans”, but I gave up on that one after fifteen Goooooooogle pages.)

    “troi and crusher, my school a cappella group is thinking of making khakis their look. help!” (they really are, it’s horrendous)

    “searching for some tmtp blog points wink wink nudge nudge.”

    (GIANT EXHALE) Anyways, wow, two category wins!! 😀 Thanks T&C, and wishing you a great trip to Provo!

  2. Silver says:

    Have the best time ever.

  3. Clari says:

    I can totally relate to the whole packing thing. Actually, I just hate it in general. No matter what fun trip it is, I always leave packing till the last second. And then I cram everything in, sit on the suitcase, and hope and pray that I didn’t forget anything because I’m too weak for check lists. Hopefully y’all are better than I am!

  4. Maria says:

    Have fun. Can’t wait for your reports since I can’t be at the concert myself.

  5. Tigereem says:

    Claiming my points for “why won’t troi and crusher tell us who their favorite vocal point guy is?”. We’re not nosy, just curious. 😉
    And also claiming my search term mentions: mcrascalflatts blog, mr. mcrightangle crockett, snarky keith and creepy jake, poor creepy jake can’t dance :(, totally missing troi and crusher, vocal point’s troi and crusher blog, and this is another search for tmtp blog points. Uhhhhh…. I went a little search crazy this week… It won’t happen again. 😉
    I hope you gals have an awesome time in Provo this week! ❤

  6. karen says:

    Claiming my points for “what?!?!! this blog still isn’t jake hunsaker’s youtube? but why??!!” I also will admit that I was the one who searched for “my goal is life is to one day win tmtp’s what the what with a cherry on top”. And while I do appreciate you guys giving me something to keep striving for, I did also win What the What with a Cherry on Top, soo… yay! 😀 Have a great weekend in Utah! 🙂

  7. fredette about it says:

    McBoogie Provo Stlye blog, Jakebert loves khakis and made up information were all mine….3000 points going into the weekend!!! Plus nearly every search in the first paragraph (exept for the honey badger) are mine. I guess Jimmer really needs some more playing time or Linsanity needs to return to take up more of my time.

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