Dear Keith

Dear Keith,

So, in some of our performance analyses, we’ve pointed out the fun little bell kicks you did as Vocal Point would exit the Sing-off stage.

(from mrduckbear11, kick at 7:47)

(from mrduckbear11, kick at 6:16)

Now we’re kind of curious: did you plan to do them, or was the first one spontaneous?  And you know, sometimes the camera cuts away before we could tell if you did one or not, so do you have some idea of the total number of bell kicks you ended up doing while on the Sing-off?  For the official records, of course. 🙂

-Troi and Crusher


4 Responses to Dear Keith

  1. Keith says:

    Okay, time to spill:

    I totally did that first one impromptu. Apparently, being praised up and down by celebrities on national TV for doing a good job at something you love just sorta makes you do kooky things. We were worried people wouldn’t like Jump Jive, and at least I was bracing for an early exit from the show. So when they reacted like they did it was a huge, jump-in-the-air-and-do-a-hitch-kick-type of relief.

    From then on I started doing them for fun, and subconsciously hoping that someone watching the program might notice and get a laugh out of it (mission accomplished 🙂 The only times I actively chose not to do one were when I felt personally disappointed in my performance:

    “Never Say Never” (I still wish I’d done a better job on that one), “Missing You” (which I wouldn’t have done anyway), and “Ain’t Too Proud” (for obvious reasons).

  2. fredette about it says:

    Never say you weren’t great on Never say Never! That’s one of the boys favorites….must be the timbre of your voice! You’re always Kev-incredible to us.

  3. Mirasol Balaga says:

    Keith I don’t even listen to Justin Beiber but your singing really sold that song. You have that special swag. You guys sounded great although the choreography was my least favorite of yours

  4. petch says:

    I agree, Never Say Never was really well done, I enjoy it, but I did find myself scratching my head at to who chose that song for you all and why? There could have been so many other, better chart songs for the group to have sung… why? And then on top of that, why put you in school boy blazers… was someone not taking you guys seriously? However, I think how you tackled it, putting tongue firmly in cheek was brilliant!

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