More clips from Arizona… WAIT, what’s that in the video description?

So, some of you may remember yesterday (and some of you may not remember yesterday… we can’t always remember what day it is, sometimes they all run together — so no judgment here), when we posted that performance video from the Arizona tour.

Well, we checked in on that awesome uploader’s Youtube channel today (vtwixted787), and wouldn’t you know it?  They’ve uploaded some more videos!  Including “The Way You Look Tonight” (with bonus Original Flavor Jake banter), a funny Q&A session (points of interest: McKay doing his best Ricki Lake hosting, Newscaster Jake studying “business management” — what the what happened to broadcast journalism? we were hoping to find clips of him reporting on county fairs and weather anomalies in a few years, and the small bit of shame that developed as we realized we knew the answers to all of the questions), and a fantastic Tanner solo (with bonus “Street of Provo” joke in the description).

But then we saw that they also uploaded this version of “Higher and Higher.”

Now, at first we were excited to see a version of this song featuring the new guys with the choreography, as all of the previous versions with them had been of the stand-and-sing variety.  And the choreography seems almost extra-sassy now.  Love it!  But then we noticed something unusual in the description.  Here’s a screencap:

First of all, the uploader calls McKay “McButters” in the description.  Which, after the “Streets of Provo” reference in the Tanner video makes sense.  We kind of figured that the uploader saw that the “You Really Got Me” video was getting views from our website, checked it out, and saw this hot mess.

But then we kept reading and we saw the end of the description: “This one is for you Troi and Crusher! :)”  You guys, we just got a shout-out in a Youtube description!  In some sort of weird Internet-love way, this is really awesome!  So thanks, vtwixted787, for the great videos (Papa Sterling would totally approve of your videography skills), for the shout-out, and especially for dedicating an upload to us that includes one of our favorite things in the world.  Come on, y’all know what it is:


And these newbies have skills — that is one solid human pinwheel effort there, guys!

-Troi and Crusher


4 Responses to More clips from Arizona… WAIT, what’s that in the video description?

  1. SweetPotato says:

    Oh gosh, the Rossface never fails.

  2. SweetPotato says:

    OH WAIT Jake’s liking skinny jeans in the The Way You Look Tonight…. HELP. His wife’s on the right track though…

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