Woohoo! We’ve got VIDEO! (from Arizona)

Yessssssssssssss! Remember how we said we really hoped that material from the Arizona tour would make it to Youtube? Well someone (vtwixted787, to be specific) obliged. Here’s a great clip from Joseph City of Rossface doing “You Really Got Me” with all the guys on back up, and they’re rockin’ the Sing-off arrangement to full tilt.

Tanner kicks it off with a cheeky little fake out on the intro. We like to imagine that Tanner gets stuck doing all these intros as punishment for being too street to care about anything or being a general cut-up in rehearsals, but we realize that the reality is that he probably gets voluntold for these things because he’s a well-spoken and witty individual.

The guys are in the Standard Look, as we’ve come to expect. We really do miss the ruffled shirts and neck bling from the Sing-off performance of this song, though.

So if you guys aren’t going to wear either of those, would you at least consider yellow cravats or ascots? Oh wait. Please don’t do that.  Forget we mentioned it.  Please don’t go rummaging around a Jonas Brothers garage sale looking for those things.  No really.  Don’t.

Anyway, as they start, we hear a cool little echo element at :35 that we don’t remember from the Sing-off version of the song.  Not sure who is responsible for it, but it’s a nifty addition.  And when things start to pick up at :54, New Guy 1, Jon, adds in a fun little hip bump to his strumming.

So then Ross runs over stage left and steals Landon’s mic and New Guy Number 2 totally plays it cool like a pro and keeps rockin’ his air guitar. McPrecious, however, throws his hands up in McShock when Ross does the same thing over on stage right at 1:13.

They break away from the Sing-off choreo at 1:29 when the guys all come downstage to sell it to the audience. Ross, however, brings us back to the Sing-off at the end when he again throws down his mic stand in a fit of rockstar glory (hey, be careful there bud, there ain’t no network TV cash paying to replenish your mic stand stock anymore).

This performance was like a fun little echo of the awesomeness that was the Sing-off, plus it was great to see the new guys in action and blending in so nicely. 🙂

-Troi and Crusher


7 Responses to Woohoo! We’ve got VIDEO! (from Arizona)

  1. Bella says:

    Oh how I wish I can see them live. But it’s not the same without all “original” members. II just need to know are these guys short or some of the current and past members really tall? That’s kinda been bugging me. I mean there’s a big height differences among them. Thanks again ladies

  2. Staci says:

    Love it! So much. I do miss the old guys, but the new guys do well. Tanner’s intro was AWESOME.

  3. fredette about it says:

    Great job ladies….some off topic randomness for you…. it’s based on Michael Buble’s Home (the swan song):
    Just a few more days,’til Vocal Point vaca
    and waffles to go, I’m off to Provo.
    Our blog may be read by, a million people I
    still feel awkward to go but I’m off to Provo.
    Can’t miss the McBestie solo.
    I’m off to Provo.
    It sounds like fun, got tix to each one
    of Vocal Points’ shows, I’m off to Provo
    3 shows in 2 nights and we just might,
    see Kevin’s baggy polo, on the streets of Provo.

    I’ll let you audiolize Jakeicles killing the lead or if you like enhear Kevin rockin’ it Pizza karaoke style. Hope you like it.

  4. Tigereem says:

    T&C, I just realized the “Hover” on the McShock picture. I love Psych! I’m also pretty sure that y’all are my long-lost totally epic cousins. 😉

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