Jake’s Jokes!

March 31, 2012

That’s right! It’s time for more chuckles courtesy of everyone’s favorite rising comedy star, Jake “Hunker Down” Hunsaker! We’re so excited!

Since we couldn’t attend the last night of Vocal Sport, we had to get reports from those who were there.  Here’s a tidbit Keith noted for us. Apparently there was a typo in the program that inspired the following wit from Emcee Jake:

Q: What do you get when you cross a really good singer with a Hyundai?

(captures from tamijeanne's Youtube)

A: Frank Sonata!

We’re not sure how the rest of the audience responded, but Keith did say that he belly laughed for Jake.  And really, who can blame him? We think that joke is darn funny!

For your viewing pleasure, here is the original typo:

-Troi and Crusher


Weekly Favorite Poll 3/30-4/5

March 30, 2012

Oh boy, these polls just keep getting more and more competitive every week.

Here’s the poll for for the latest voting period.

This post is where all campaigning, bribery, promises, back room deals, and whatever other shenanigans you can come up with should take place.  Feel free to vote over in Poll Land, but keep that place free of comments and such.

Tanner is ineligible this week, but Ben-Jon is back in the mix.

Vote early and vote often!  Have fun!

-Troi and Crusher

And the favorite of the week is…

March 30, 2012

It’s Tanner (again)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite some late surges that made things rather interesting right at the end, Tanner again prevailed in the reader-voted Troi and Crusher’s Weekly Favorite Poll.

So, Honey Badger, how are you going to celebrate this week?

And everybody else, the next poll will go live later today.  We can only hope that the same excitement and fervor will continue on into this upcoming voting period.

-Troi and Crusher

Search Terms, Announcements, and MORE CHANGE? FOR REAL?

March 29, 2012

So, how’s everybody doing on this fine Thursday evening?  Ready for a little search term nuttiness and points distribution?  You guys know the drill: category winners get 10,000 TMtP blog points, the weekly runner-up gets 24,000 and the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of the German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) winner gets 38,000 points.

Let’s get to it!

First up in the Wouldn’t the Savage brothers be so confused if they ever found TMtP? category:

Again, we fear that we may inadvertently be becoming one of the foremost gathering places for Savage brothers fans as well as Vocal Point fans at this stage of the game.  People got to us through searches for: fred and ben savage, the savage brothers, and savage brothers.  Someone even searched for ben savage twins.  Which, as far as we know, Ben Savage is neither a twin nor has he fathered any.  You know who may have a twin, though?

Oh no!  It’s Jakebert’s evil twin from a mirror universe!  Look out, everybody!  Robake is on the prowl!

But the power of the goodness of Jakebert cannot be destroyed.  Especially not when we got such amazing searches as totally missing the jakebert fish dance, jakebert will never get old (he won’t age!), jakebert will never die (Robake, you cannot destroy him!) and the category winner: long live jakebert!  Yes!  Long live Jakebert, indeed!

Next up we have the searchers we want to apologize to, because Sorry, we still can’t help you:

Well, meryl davis just won the silver medal at the Figure Skating World Championships, so we understand why people would be searching for her.  We just hope that people don’t actually think she’s attending ReMix this summer (although if she can sing, she totally should!).  Tanner’s super-fly style contributed to a plethora of searches for “tie bar” but really, we can’t imagine how our blog was anywhere near the top searches for that.  Some people came to us likely on a nostalgia-trip, as they searched for koosh.  May we offer up photo evidence of the ugliest shoes sold in Provo?

And yes, we both bought a pair.  You know what, perhaps this would also prove to be valuable information for the searcher of provo mall fails.  Someone else wanted to know about vocal sport, and while we went there (and blogged about it), perhaps the official website would be of more use to you?  We’re curious to know if the searcher of biggest bouncy ball in the world ever found what they were looking for, because that actually sounds kind of interesting.  But the winner of 10,000 TMtP points in this category is: who listens to savage garden?  Well, everyone should, but we know for sure that we do (with pride!) and Ross does (with shame 😦 ).

And now in the We hope this makes him feel special and doesn’t re-open old wounds Jake category:

Now, we were impressed by the sheer number of searches we had for i heart creepy jake this week.  Which, well, who doesn’t?  But we can’t even bring ourselves to re-post the photo of that shirt, it just seems too mean (although… you can see it here 😉 ).  Of course, there were more normal searches, such as  jake hunsaker and the one and only jake hunsaker!.  There were even a few that didn’t mention Jake by name, but come on now, we know that body stance for a human and “human balance is hard” were totally for him.

Dude, human balance is hard! And human speech patterns are hard!  And being a human in general is hard!

And finally, the category winner is: jake is the king of talkies.  Darn right he is!  Get him away from Nick Lachey and he is magic on the microphone!

Okay, in the We picked out individual songs for each of you, so clearly you are all special, special snowflakes category:

So, many of the guys had just some normal searches this week, including mike christensen vocal point, ross welch vocal point, and rossface (yes, this is now considered normal around here).  But then some of the guys had a combination of normal and just downright hysterical searches.  So, we’re mixing things up a bit (we checked the TMtP rulebook, and don’t worry, this is totally allowed), and we’re awarding 8,000 points each to the winners of several subsets in the “Special Snowflake” category.  Because, while we love all VP members equally (except for whoever you readers vote as our weekly favorite), we do love some search terms more than others.

So, let’s take a look at the Tanner-centric searches, shall we? We had tanner nilsson vocal point, tanner nilsson, and tanner nilsson see (huh? See what?).  But winning the 8,000 points is: “tanney badger”? really, sweetpotato?.  Oh SweetPotato, you tried to make Tanney Badger happen, but even you realized that it probably didn’t come off as a compliment, didn’t you?  Well, if you in fact called yourself out with this search, at least it netted you some blog points!  If it was someone else calling you out, well, maybe they’ll take you out to dinner with all of the points they won.

Trevor has gone from hiding under the blog radar to getting Kevin-love in the podcast and having the Trevortastic Stare make its bloggerific debut.

And with searches like vocal point trevor, trevor johnson vocal point, and trevor byu vocal point, perhaps the man himself will feel compelled to come play on the blog soon enough.  And lest he feels unwanted, look no further than the 8,000 point winner here: i love the trevortastic stare!  Oh searcher, we think we all do.

Now we’ve come to the Keith sub-set of the Special Snowflakes category.  We had byu vocal point keith kevin (were you not sure of his name, or did you just want to ensure that you got some made-up information to go along with whatever you were really searching for?), keith evans vocal point, and i want to hear keith sing “grace kelly” live.  So, we have gotten to see that, and can we say: that is a perfectly valid life goal.  Until you get the opportunity, though, you can read about it here and go ahead and watch the video one more time (or two, or three).

Yup.  Still awesome.

So what could possibly beat that out for the 8,000 points up for grabs?  Well, that would be: totally missing the point: snark and sass perfect together.  They are!  Forget stupid cats and their whiskers or wet roses, our favorite things include snark and sass.  Thanks for bringing them in spades, Keith.

We had some fun Robert searches this week, or as one searcher typed: bob seely.  Now, it was a tight race for the 8,000 points in this sub-category, but totally missing frodos overtone singing was just edged out by the winner totally loving robert’s overtone singing.  We don’t like to acknowledge that Robert is not in a constant state of overtone singing, so we prefer to not think of it as missing.  And actually, if we could somehow get a fifteen second loop of him doing his thang, well… we think we’d have the best blog background music ever!

And finally, wrapping up the Special Snowflakes category, we have the McKay-centric searches.  Besides the typical mckay crockett and mckay crockett vocal point, we had mcmoney a cappella blog.  Which, McButters is McMoney in the studio!

Total.  Bank.

And our sub-category winner of 8,000 points is: mcbesties make awesome podcast. (Word!)

And finally, we’ve reached the Hey, these searches are about TMtP category:

Lots of entries in this category these past few days, and we love ’em all.  There was troi crusher vocal point, tmtp, tmtp cherry on top, tmtp and kevin make perfect podcast (we really had very little to do with the success of the podcasts… that’s mainly on Kevin and McButters).  There was also this tmtp search will earn me blog points.
Hmm… on the one hand, we like the boldness.  However, a searcher this familiar with us should know that we can’t become that predictable.  How about this?  We will award you points for that search… 2 points, to be exact.

Of course, we try to not bend to the lure of flattery as well, so troi and crusher are awesome!! is much appreciated as a search term, but won’t be winning you any points this week.  Now, next week if you clarify that we’re awesome at playing Uno…

…Well that might persuade us. 😉

We also loved “the one where we apparently only took notes about hunsaker” (what can we say?  He really, really brought it at the Saturday evening show).  Now this next one amuses us, but also comes with a warning: tmtp distracts me from homework. this is a good thing.

TMtP Official PSA: We do not endorse skimping on your studies to read our blog.  Remember, we cannot give you a diploma or degree.  There is no master’s program course of study in blog snark, no bachelor’s in made-up information, and not even a high school elective in year-old Vocal Point material.  So, stay in school kids.  And grown-ups.  And Vocal Point members.  Again, we are not accredited by any well-respected organizations.  Or even any organizations of ill repute.  We are the fringes of the internet.  We are not a substitute for traditional learning.  We will not explain to your parents why “Mc” got put at the beginning of every proper noun in your term paper.  Practice responsible blog reading techniques and use us for brief and tension relieving breaks.  And then, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Whew.  Glad that messy responsibility stuff is over.

Anyway, our category winner of 10,000 points here is: yay for tmtp podacsts!!! Oh boy.  On the one hand, we’re super-excited about your enthusiasm.  On the other… look at how you spelled “podcasts.”  Perhaps you, dear searcher, should go back and read our PSA.  This term wins solely because we’re curious to see if anyone will cop to the misspelling in order to claim the points.  A bit of an experiment, you see.

And now, our weekly runner-up and winner of 24,000 points is… lord of the reviews: the return of fish jake. only on tmtp.

We love Fish Jake so much.  And he did return.  And it was good.

That means there’s only one search term left.  Oh yes, it’s time to award 38,000 TMtP blog points to the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) weekly winner.  And that prize goes to…

mckay crockett is black in action!

You better bet he is!  For those not in the know, last week McKay came by the blog and left one of our favorite comments ever.  We had mentioned in the post that the official BYU Vocal Point website had finally gotten rid of a rather egregious error on their homepage.  You see, their latest album “Back in Blue” was misidentified as “Black in Blue.”  Well, we were so happy to see that little bugger of a typo go by the wayside, and then McKay came on the blog and responded to our What the What winner of “a box of McCheez-its can totally save a life” by saying, “oh and ITS TRUE ABOUT THE CHEEZ-ITS! I’ve done that multiple times this week! After a few handfuls of those I’m Black In Action!”

Well, we just about lost it when we read his comment.  So McWitty.  So McFabulous.  Just so… McPerfect.  So we’re just pleased as punch that one of you picked that up and ran with it all the way to a search engine.  Therefore you get to be this week’s winner.  And you know what, for being the wit-master that started it all, we’re also awarding McKay 38,000 TMtP points of his own!

And now for some blog bizness!

Just a few little odds and ends here today. First of all, don’t forget that the Weekly Favorite Poll closes at midnight tonight, Provo Daylight Time. So you’ve got just a little while to give your choice for our favorite one last push! We do get a little excited every time the results come through to see who gets to take up a bigger portion of our blog heart space for the week.

AND if you’re thinking about auditioning for the ReMix Vocal Academy, get your audition video submitted by March 31st (hey, that’s Saturday! Where did this month go?)  and be entered to win a two-hour recording session at Studio 87c! What’s that? You’re not sure how to go about the whole “video audition” thing? It’s okay, we’re a little tech-dumb, too. Here’s a super-helper named Trent who breaks it down (oh, and how) and shows you how to make an impression (oh, and how) with your video.

So, you guys… Vocal Point auditions were this week. We’re anxiously awaiting the announcement of who Vocal Point’s newest New Guys will be. Which raises a question: How should we address the newest New Guys? Should we redistribute the current New Guy numbers? That would mean that our current batch of newbies would only be addressed by their (gasp!) real names. Well, their blog names, at least. Or maybe we should just start with “New Guy #5” and keep going from there?  Or just switch it up altogether and call them “New Guy A,” “New Guy B,” etc?  Or do we go with “New New Guy 1” and so on?  What do y’all think?

-Troi and Crusher

From the mailbag… Gems from a concert!

March 28, 2012

This post could be subtitled: Or, some readers give us material instead of challenges, Keith. 😉

Hey, do you guys remember our awesome readers Clarissa and Ferg-face?  Clarissa was actually our very first tipster ever for the blog, and she later combined her powers with her sister Ferg-face to give us some tidbits from a VP concert.  Uh, we’re still sorry about blog-naming her “Ferg-face” but once you start down a pop culture rabbit hole, you have to ride that donkey all the way to the last port of call.  Or something.

Anyway, these two lovely ladies recently attended an “Evening of Uplifting Music” fireside with Vocal Point as the musical guests.  And being the sharers that they are, they sent us a recap of the event and included some fun pictures that gave insight into just what went down.  (Want to share tips or material with us?  We always love to hear from readers — send us an email at totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com.)

Notably, the guys were in “express your own style” mode for this concert.

Well, look at them, all sans Standard Look and happy!

Now, this leads us to our first of three major points of importance we have gleaned from Ferg-face’s report.

Number One:

Tanner runs away with the VP style award for this performance.

Cuff links and a tie bar!?!?  That’s, like, legitimately stylish!  However, we regret to inform everyone that this is by no means a very “street” look.  Oh no.  It’s fly.  Perhaps even verging on straight up ballin’.  Way to go, Honey Badger, way to go. We definitely approve of these choices.

Number Two:

While no one can compete with Rossface in terms of in-performance expressions, during the times when the other guys give their talkies, Jake Hunsaker has the best background faces and body language in the history of the world.

Sometimes he goes with the I’m-giving-you-so-much-side-eye-that-my-body-is-thrown-off-balance stance (or, you know, “Human balance is hard!”).

Sometimes it’s the ol’, “Quick, the teacher’s not looking, let me talk to my neighbor” trick.  Oh Jake.  You’re onstage.  Someone’s always watching.  In this case, it was Ferg-face.

Then there are the times The King of the Talkies just crosses his arms and silently stares to see if anyone can challenge his dominion.

Which, apparently, his dominion consists of empty theatre chairs.  (Evidently this photo was taken while the rest of the guys were onstage greeting fans… perhaps Jake is also thinking of applying for honey badger status.)

And finally…

Sometimes a guy just has to go for the full-on combo platter of several options.  With bonus incredulous face.  Our blog hearts can barely contain their love.

And moving right along, it’s time we hit on the next key point.

Number Three:

Ferg-face and Clarissa have been such dears, and we really have to thank them for the following photos.  Why, you ask?  Well, we now have visual proof of something we saw during our trip to Provo.  Something we mentioned in a concert recap (before it had a name), but had no photos as proof.  We give you:

The Trevortastic Stare.

“What’s the Trevortastic Stare?” you say?  Oh readers, the Trevortastic Stare is a priceless gem that appears multiple times during the banter of Vocal Point concerts, only to sink away like the lost city of Atlantis when the singing starts.  At first, we thought Trevor was just confused by Robert’s talkie involving glasses and trees.  But then we realized that, well… perhaps everything confuses Trevor.  Or maybe this is just his listening face.  Either way, we love it.  Now, we won’t hold out on you any longer, here is the wonder that is the Trevortastic Stare.

Sometimes his head goes to the right, to the right…

And sometimes he leans to the left, to the left.

You know, a man’s got to mix it up.  And perhaps most amazingly:

Sometimes it is even contagious.

Clearly, the Trevortastic Stare wields great power.  All future VP audience members should be on the lookout for it and how it affects those around him onstage.  Can you imagine what might happen in the event the Trevortastic Stare came up against both Rossface and O.F. Jake’s expression / body language combination?  Could the space-time continuum even handle such a meeting of powers?  These are the questions that need to be answered!

Unfortunately, we lack the ability to seek out these answers on our own right now (perhaps another trip to Provo is in order? In the name of research, of course.).  What we do have is the ability to enjoy this lovely video that Ferg-face provided for us.  It’s of the guys singing “Higher and Higher.”  Now, don’t get too excited — this was a choreography-free concert, so there’s no human pinwheel to be found.  But, it’s still a fun little number (and will soon be rivaling “Jump Jive” in terms of number of versions on Youtube), so with a big thank you to Ferg-face and Clarissa, let’s enjoy it!

-Troi and Crusher