Fav Moments: McButters McBoogie Edition

Alright, next up in our series of fav moments is a delightful little McKay moment from Superstar Medley Week on the Sing-off.  May we please direct your attention to the following performance by Season Two winners, Committed:

(video and captures from strasseneckesinfonie’s youtube)

Okay, our feelings on Chris Brown aside, Committed definitely brought it during this performance.  You know who else brought it?  Vocal Point, as audience members.  This is a perfect example of why you have to branch out beyond just the VP videos, because you never know when a hidden gem like this will pop up and put a long-lasting smile on your face.

Before we get to the main event, we do have to point out the adorable “Being a human is hard!” clap by Jake at 2:06.

Okay, that pic is pretty blurry, but in motion in hi-def, it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

Except for the fact that it gets topped shortly thereafter, at 2:26, when we see McButters get down with his bad self in an adorable little boogie.

Get it, McSoulful!

-Troi and Crusher


7 Responses to Fav Moments: McButters McBoogie Edition

  1. I love a cappella says:

    I figured you two were watching the Daytona 500 and wouldn’t write tonight. 😉

    • ROFL. You know, Crusher was actually born the same day as a running of the Daytona 500. Thanks to our father, we actually know more about NASCAR than we care to admit. How ’bout that fireball, though, huh? 😉
      -T and C

      • I love a cappella says:

        LOL  The fireball was awesome!  I know more about NASCAR than I want to admit, too.  🙂

  2. Tigereem says:

    McKay is so awesome. Part of my family actually got to meet him while they were visiting the BYU campus last month. It’s a good thing they texted me, because now I have his McAutograph. ;D

  3. Bella says:

    I wish there were more of VP reactions of other group’s performances and vice versa. It seems like Delilah was always shown.
    Anyway thanks for this hilarious and informational blog for those of us who are (some what anonymously) obsessed with Vocal Point

    • Yeah, we know what you mean about not enough VP reaction shots. And you may be the first person who has ever called us “informational” without qualifying it as “made-up information” — which most of it is. Seriously, don’t believe a word of what we say. 😉 Glad you’re enjoying the blog!
      -T and C

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