Dear Keith

Dear Keith,

Why were you so much more awesome than the other guys in the Halloween opening creepy smolder walk?  See below for evidence (We cropped out Michael O-O and Creepy Jake because they literally weren’t doing anything.  Although, to be fair to Jake, he may be doing the hand raise and just have it blocked because he is so wee-sized).

(from captures from caldwellj's youtube)

Seriously, that looks so cool.  Even the plastic wig couldn’t keep down that awesome.  Scott just looks like he’s phoning it in by comparison.  There’s no way his half-hearted hand raise brought all of those people to their feet.  No sir, that was all your doing.

Oh, and also: why did they abandon you to be all by your lonesome on the down center platform?

(from caldwellj's youtube)

And then how did you end up being the only guy in a sea of women for the entire last bit of the number?

(from caldwellj's youtube)

I mean, you worked it out, but I just don’t understand the staging logic on this one.  Especially since we know from the Born to Run intro package that you are easily distracted by girls.

But maybe we’re just missing the point,

Troi and Crusher


2 Responses to Dear Keith

  1. keith says:

    Dear Troi and Crusher –
    1. Perhaps it was the fog machines at full blast, or the big moon attached to the fly system behind us, but that number just got me in the mood to be way creepy.
    2. Obviously, to showcase the fact that I had actually managed to learn the Charleston (much to the choreographers’ surprise and relief).
    3. I slipped the choreographer a twenty.

  2. on point (vocal that is) says:

    Were you ALL asked to learn the Charleston? Did you have to learn it in a week? This is one of our favorite opening numbers. “Thumbs aloft”

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