A Public Service Announcement:

December 31, 2011

Have fun this New Year’s Eve, but always remember to jig in moderation.

(captures from petitoiseau1's youtube)

Otherwise, you’ll end up spending tomorrow like this:

(from nbc.com)

-Troi and Crusher


Wheaties may make you strong…

December 30, 2011

(from nbc.com)

…but Cheez-Its make you adorable.

-Troi and Crusher

Footloose, Or the One With the Red Shoes of Win

December 30, 2011

Alright, it’s time to analyze one of the most infinitely watchable VP performances from the Sing-off: Footloose.  Here’s the reference video (from mrduckbear11):

Okay, we’re not even going to touch the first part of the intro clip, because the whole Ben situation is something that should be respected, not analyzed for shiggles.  (Although, we do just have to throw this out there: Kevin, please stop dressing like an awkward tall guy.  No more baggy navy polos for you.  Own the lanky thing.  Get some well-tailored clothes, stand up straight, and embrace your inner awesome.)

Moving right along, we get into some warehouse rehearsal footage with Keith leading the guys through a new addition to the song in order to beef up their rep version.  We agree with Creepy Jake’s take on the new bit, “That’s good.”

At 1:11 we get to see Tyler’s only solo of the season.  Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear it, as the editors cut out the audio at that very moment and by the time the song got to the stage, the solo no longer belonged to Tyler.  Sorry dude.  You looked cool singing it, at least.

Immediately following that at 1:13 we see another thing that did not make it to the performance stage: bow ties!  Ah, well, maybe that was too much look when viewed with the AWESOME RED SHOES.  Those shoes are so much win.  We especially like how Jake’s and McButters’ appear to involve velcro.  It’s cute ’cause they’re little.

(from nbc.com)

Anyway, we start off with a fun little opening that leads right into Jake sounding a lot like Kenny Loggins.  At 1:56 Ross comes in with a different vocal spin on the song that also sounds good.  Then we hear the part we saw them practicing in the intro.  It’s just as cool here — such a fun little super-a cappella-y bit.

Next we have a sighting of two different signature moves.  First up is Keith’s go-to cool move (at 2:13).

(from fschnell's youtube)

Okay, this move definitely needs a name.  Lunge with shoulder rock thing does not suffice.  We’re open to taking suggestions, but that would mean that someone other than us would have to find and read this blog.  We’ll go with “LSR” until something better comes along.

After a brief glimpse of Robert being extra cool at 2:36, we get the snapping version of Tanner’s signature dropping it like it’s hot.

(from fschnell's youtube)

Yay for signature moves!

Unfortunately, Creepy Jake tends to have a signature as well, and it’s called “not quite moving like a human.”  Now, to be fair, being a human is hard, but still.  Take for example 2:56, where everyone else manages to pull off the hand movement, but Jake just looks… off.  His legs tend to splay at un-human-like angles, and a fun Sing-off watch game is to go through any given VP performance and yell out “Creepy Jake!” or “Being a human is hard!” when the sight arises.

If you haven’t read our first post, please go do that right now, before you determine that we’re total jerkwads (What the WHAT?).  We really do love Jake.  And we don’t think he’s a soulless twin (well, we don’t think that anymore… it was the going theory for a while — you know, that his twin got two souls and he got none).  Jake just comes off as awkward on TV.  It’s perfectly understandable.  He’s no more awkward doing choreography than Troi’s husband is playing Dance Central.  Which is to say, he’s incredibly awkward.  But again, seems to be a super-nice guy.  And dude can sang.

Anyway, moving forward with the performance, Ross hits some insanely fun notes and then all of the sudden Tanner’s flying through the air like a spider monkey and then everything goes crazy.  Mike’s killing it, Keith’s spinning, McCrockett’s kicking and karate chopping, and it all climaxes to the end with Ross wailing away.

Then we get to the judging, where Ben Folds once again has a man-crush on Kevin’s falsetto, and Sara is again slightly patronizing in her praise.  We get it – they’re adorable and most of them are pocket-sized, but they’re still actually grown men so please don’t act like you’re going to give them juice and cookies and a gold star.  And then Shawn references Hello Kitty and we’re confused and McKay’s trying to talk into a muted microphone and they’re all leaving the stage and then BELL KICK!  Keith does a perfect bell kick while running offstage at 6:16 (this is actually a recurring event in many of their run-offs).  Oh McButters, this makes your blown bell kick in “Let it Snow” even more shameful.  And to reiterate our point from above: Keith, if you are secure enough to do an impromptu bell kick on national TV, you are TOO COOL TO WEAR BAGGY NAVY POLOS.

-Troi and Crusher

Dear Keith

December 29, 2011

Dear Keith,

Had any of you ever been to this playground before shooting the intro clip?

captured from mrduckbear11's youtube

If so, why?

If not, why did they make you all film there?

What part of that didn’t seem creepy?

-Troi and Crusher

Like Kicking a Puppy…

December 28, 2011

Crusher’s Christmas vacation is over, so we’ve had to resort to G-Chat tonight to get caught up (and yes, there were also phone calls, but sometimes the internet really does make life easier, especially when there are web links to share). After the discovery of all the behind the scenes videos from The Sing-Off on NBC’s website, the following conversation ensued:

Crusher:  go to 3:05 of this one for some kevin goodness, where he talks about yelling at jake (not in those words)

Troi:  how did we not watch these videos before? they’re like VP gold!

Crusher:  it’s true! and i don’t know!

Troi:  oh yeah, he totally yelled at jake

Crusher:  and maybe ben too

but i don’t think he’d feel as bad about yelling at ben

yelling at jake has got to be like kicking a puppy

Troi:  ben probably doesn’t look like a kicked puppy when you yell at him


Crusher:  OMG

The kicked puppy references? Yeah, entered virtually at the same time.  Scary, huh?